The WASP Research Arena (WARA) for Software is an in-development demonstrator for the WASP project. Our goal is to enable software-related research (primarily, but not exclusively on software technology) in collaboration between WASP industrial partners and universities. Ericsson, Saab, and Axis Communications have agreed to support the WARA.

We intend to focus the WARA on:

  • Interaction between industrial software practitioners and software researchers with a focus on the shared WARA platform, consisting of:
  • A tool benchmarking suite that allows researchers to quickly evaluate their static and dynamic program analysis and program transformation tools, and ideally enable other forms of research
    • Containing Open Source software
    • With a focus on software industrial relevance to the WARA partners
    • Incorporating industrial configuration information and input/output data (workloads, training and test data)
    • Incorporating meta-information (models, documentation) where appropriate
    • Based on Ericsson’s OVE system
  • A shared framework for interactive tools that the industrial partners can integrate into their existing development processes to (a) evaluate their own interactive tools and (b) collaborate with researchers on new interactive tools. We aim for tool integration at three levels:
    • Code Reviewing, in the form of automatically generated feedback and fix-up buttons
    • Continuous Integration, analogously to code reviewing,
    • IDE integration, in the form of new IDE actions and visualisations, shared across IDEs via extensions to the Language Server Protocol

Our initial focus will be on Java, C, and C++-based projects and research.


For technical resources, please refer to our github page.


For now, please contact Christoph Reichenbach for questions.