Approximate, Unsound Computing

CPS and Embedded Systems

Languages, Runtime Systems, Security

Distributed Systems

CASTOR Research Focus Areas


  • Approximate, Unsound Computing – DevOps, Test Automation, Fault Injection, Automatic Repair, Diversification, Randomization, Chaos Engineering
  • CPS and Embedded Systems – DSLs, System Level Semantics, Hybrid Modeling, Optimization, Correctness-By-Construction, Software Defined Networks
  • Languages, Runtime Systems, Security – Virtualisation, Compilers, Language Design, Formal Methods, Type System, Execution Platforms
  • Distributed Systems – Analytics, Bigdata, Data Science, Database Management Systems, Blockchain



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Oct 14

CASTOR Software Days – DevOps (Day 1)

October 14 @ 08:30 - 17:00
Oct 14

KTH Continuous Integration Art Hackathon

October 14 @ 17:00 - 23:45

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