Robust and Reactive High-Speed Communication Networks


Communication networks are an essential component of today’s society. In the coming years,
a key requirement of communication networks will be to support deterministic performance for the emerging
latency-critical application services. A natural hindrance towards building deterministic network are unexpected
events such as network device failures, attacks, and variations in the applications’ communication patterns.
Today’s network protocols handle failures at the so-called “control-plane” level, which can however only reacts
in the order of tens or even hundreds of milliseconds depending on the scale of the network.

In this project, we will investigate how to handle failures directly in the “data-plane” of a network, where packets
are processed in the order of tens or hundreds of nanoseconds. A key challenge in moving failure handling in
the data-plane is the limited set of operations that can be performed at these high speeds. We will in
investigate how emerging high-speed programmable switches can be used to enhance the resilience of a
network by devising novel load-aware fast reroute mechanisms.


Scope: Network Systems
Funding: CISB (
Main KTH Staff Involved: Asst. Prof. Marco Chiesa, Fabio Verdi.
Other Partners: Saab