SERENE – Secure Reconfigurable Networks.

Creating reliable networked software and protocols has remained a challenge to this day. Traditional network hardware is designed for a fixed topology, fixed protocols captured in black boxes. New hardware uses so-called software-defined networking (SDN), open design and white boxing, where the hardware can be configured with different software to allow for different use cases.

SAAB AB is investing in SDN technology, which will be the backbone of future networks including those for centralized- and edge computing. A high degree of resilience and elasticity is required in the software- and hardware infrastructure since it is generally exposed to tough conditions both in physical- and in cyberspace. It is therefore important to have strong tools and methods to analyze the network software to ensure its dependability under different conditions.

The goal of this PAUS exchange with SAAB AB is to investigate different verification approaches and their applicability to current open-source SDN initiatives. To this end, we will compare lightweight and scalable techniques such as model-based testing and fault injection, with more elaborate analysis approaches like model checking. The former approaches have the advantage that they can be applicable to final system without modifying it, but unlike in-depth analysis, they do not investigate all possible outcomes of packet loss or delay, and other factors.



More info:
Scope: Future Networks
Funding: KTH, CASTOR
Timeline: TBA
Number of partners: 2
Main KTH Staff Involved: Cyrille Artho
Other Partners: SAAB