Seed Project: Early Stage Design Space Exploration of Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems on Distributed Platforms

ForSyDe (Formal System Design) is a design methodology targeting the design of heterogeneous embedded and cyber-physical systems, envisioning a correct-by-construction design flow. The idea of ForSyDe is to combine a formal base in form of analysable models of computation (MoCs) with predictable platforms that can give service guarantees.

This seed project addresses a new problem domain within the ForSyDe methodology, the design space ex- ploration at an early stage of the design process, which is an important and very relevant problem for the project partners Saab and Ericsson. The key challenge is to design a tool that identifies suitable and efficient platforms for future applications in the avionics and telecommunication domains, and is capable to cope with the huge de- sign space due the exponential growth of possible platform component combinations. The key idea is to specify platform components at a high level of abstraction, in combination with a set of composition rules. During design space exploration, candidate platforms will be created and analysed with respect to a set of typical abstract work- loads, which model the future applications.

The project will rely on the experience gained on design space exploration in previous research projects. The existing ForSyDe DSE tool DeSyDe aims at identifying an efficient and suitable implementation for a set of applications with individual design constraints, which shall be implemented on a given shared multiprocessor platform. The DeSyDe tool assumes a given platform and service guarantees in form of worst case execution and worst case communication times. The proposed seed project has to deal with a far larger design space, since a huge number of possible candidate platforms needs to be analysed.



Scope: Formal Verification
Funding: CASTOR
Timeline: 2021
Main KTH Staff Involved: Ingo Sander (Prof.), Rodolfo Jordao (PhD student), and Fahimeh Bahrami (PhD student)
Main Saab Staff Involved: Ingemar Söderquist, and Mats Ekman
Main Ericsson Staff Involved: Jonas Waldeck, and Leif Linderstam