Continuous Deep Analytics


33 million SEK has been granted to Seif Haridi, Chief Scientist at RISE SICS and Professor at KTH, by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). His project Continuous Deep Analytics is part of a 200 million SSF research initiative on Big Data and computational sciences.

RISE SICS and KTH are already in tight collaboration within big data research and this 5-year project will involve researchers from both parties. The new grant will also strengthen the ongoing RISE Data Science initiative.

The digitalization is now generating more data than we can handle, and it is sometimes difficult to prioritize and sort what is useful.

We are however starting to see good models to cope with all the data, but are yet to understand and to take control over how decisions are being made, where we can control the outcome and what is more or less a coincident, particularly when it comes to streaming data.

The ultimate goal of the Continuous Deep Analytics project is to build the foundations of next generation scalable Big Data platforms that can make these real-time decisions based on massive live data.

This will enable new classes of applications that are time-critical, including zero-time defense of cyber-attacks, fleet driving and intelligent assistants.

“By driving the work in this area, Sweden will be in the forefront of deep analytics research and this will be beneficial for the industry as well as the public sector”, according to Seif Haridi.



Scope: Big Data Analytics
Funding: SSF
Number of partners: 1
Main KTH Staff Involved: Seif Haridi, Christian Schulte