Distinguished Artifact Award

Elias Castegren (post-doc researcher in David Broman's group) and his colleague Kiko Fernandez-Reyes from Uppsala received a distinguished artifact award at the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE) two weeks ago for their paper...

New VR Grant for a CASTOR Researcher

Cyrille Artho has received a new VR grant for his project TEMOS (Temporal monitoring of smart contracts). Smart contracts are computer programs which execute on top of blockchains to manage the flow of funds, exchange of assets, and transfer of digital rights between...

Repairnator on KTH News

The Repairnator project focused on automatic bug fixing recently joined Eclipse, and this piece of news has been featured on the KTH blog! The article: https://www.kth.se/en/eecs/nyheter/intelligent-bot-repairnator-joins-eclipse-1.927120    

New post on the CACM Blog

A new post about Dynamic Analysis of software programs by Benoit Baudry and Martin Monperrus has been recently published on the CACM blog. Full text: https://cacm.acm.org/blogs/blog-cacm/239266-dynamic-analysis-in-the-browser/fulltext  

The Repairnator Project in Eclipse

Eclipse Repairnator is an intelligent bot for continuous integration: it suggests fixes for bugs and missing tests for quality assurance. Repairnator is artificial intelligence for continuous integration: “AI for CI“. Repairnator is an open-source software project,...