A CASTOR Contribution to the Swedish Tech Press

About the use of the Python language, by Benoit Baudry, on the Swedish tech magazine Ingenjören. https://www.ingenjoren.se/2021/10/12/nu-har-python-passerat-java-och-c-har-ar-de-50-popularaste-spraken-just-nu/    

New Audiovisual Exhibition Launched

A new audiovisual exhibition, online, that lets visitors experience the fast evolution of software. Watch the trailer below, and visit the online exhibition on www.drift.rethread.art.    

Best Student Paper Award at the 27th IEEE RTAS International Symposium

CASTOR member Matthias Becker and his collaborators received the best student paper award at the 27th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS). RTAS is a top-tier conference with a focus on systems research related to embedded systems...

CASTOR contributes to software verification benchmark infrastructure

As part of the "WASP software arena" project, CASTOR contributed an extension to the "benchexec" infrastructure that has been used over the last ten years to evaluate various software verification tools for C and Java programs. CASTOR's contribution provides the setup...

Full Presentation of the tool DepClean (on Software Dependencies)

César Soto Valero, PhD student at KTH, gives a talk titled "DepClean: Automatically revealing bloated software dependencies in Maven projects" at FOSDEM, a major event on open-source software for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. See the...