Repairnator mentioned on Sveriges Radio

KTH's research on AI for software development -- the Repairnator project -- has been mentioned on Sveriges Radio. AI och samhällsutvecklingen:  

KTH Security Seminars Organised on a Regular Basis

The KTH Security Seminar aims at bringing together security and privacy researchers at KTH and the outside world to communicate about computer security. With the goal of boosting interaction and collaboration between different actors from academia and industry, we...

CASTOR-Incubated “Internet of DevOps” Project Kicked-off

The Celtic-Plus European project "Internet of DevOps (IoD)" that has been incubated in CASTOR and encompassing SAAB and Ericsson as Swedish partners has been kicked-off on the 12th of December 2018. This project addresses industrial pain-points of future Digital...

Two CASTOR Seed-Projects Kicked-Off in November

1. The seed project "Design Space Exploration of Mixed-CriticalityApplications on Predictable Multi-Processor Platforms" addresses thedesign of mixed-criticality systems, where several applications withindividual criticality levels and design constraints shall...

10 CASTOR PhD Positions Opening at KTH!

CASTOR is pleased to announce 10 open PhD positions at KTH RoyalInstitute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), in the area of dynamicsoftware analysis with applications to: Software technology with an application toDistributed systems and networksScalable big data...

Success for the 2nd Chaos Engineering Workshop!

Long Zhang (KTH), Nazareno Feito (Oracle), Lorin Hochstein (Netflix), Benoit Baudry (KTH), Philipp Leitner (Chalmers Univ.), speakers at the Chaos Engineering Workshop. The 2nd Chaos Engineering Workshop was a success! The main salient points to be emphasized are: We...

The Chaos Engineering Day Promoted on the KTH Homepage

The upcoming 2nd Chaos Engineering Day organised by Martin Monperrus, and supported by CASTOR, is promoted on the KTH homepage (in Swedish):  

Christian Schulte on KTH Research News!

A Swedish article about the adoption by the German company SAP about Christian Schulte's open-source tool Geocode on the KTH research blog:    

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