Expired on: Dec 31, 2019
Organization: KTH
Job Category: Doctoral student
Job Location: Stockholm

Project description

The third-cycle subject the doctoral student will be admitted to is computer science, more information at https://intra.kth.se/en/eecs/forskarutbildning/doctoral-programmes/computer-science-1.817607

The doctoral student will work in the area of run-time monitoring for smart contracts.

Why run-time monitoring? Existing vulnerability detection techniques mostly rely on generic execution-flow patterns and do not capture run-time data precisely. As a result of that, they tend to over-report some problems while missing others. In particular, it is important to monitor the temporal behavior and execution cost (“gas” usage) of transactions in smart contracts during their execution. However, run-time monitoring of smart contracts is currently not possible in a precise way due to inherent limitations of their execution environment.

This project investigates what run-time properties smart contracts have to fulfill in order to be safe from certain types of vulnerabilities, while also implementing the necessary infrastructure for such monitoring. As a result of the project, we will get novel approaches for monitoring smart contracts against vulnerabilities and learn about safe designs for next-generation smart-contracts and even smart-contract platforms.

Please contact Cyrille Artho (artho@kth.se) by email for further information. In addition to email inquiries, all applications must be formally made through the KTH website.

Supervision: The doctoral student will be placed at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and supervised by Cyrille Artho.

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