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Hiding in the Particles: When Return-Oriented Programming Meets Program Obfuscation

# Abstract Largely known for attack scenarios, code reuse techniques at a closer look reveal properties that are appealing also for program obfuscation. We explore the popular return-oriented programming paradigm under this light, transforming program functions into ROP chains that coexist seamlessly with the surrounding software stack. We show how to build chains that can […]

Improve Resiliency and Performance With Controlled Chaos Engineering – Talk

Abstract AWS Fault Injection Simulator is a fully managed chaos engineering service that helps you improve application resiliency by making it easy and safe to perform controlled chaos engineering experiments on AWS. In this session, we'll see how chaos engineering with AWS FIS can help improve our application's resiliency and performance, uncover hidden issues, expose […]

Securing the Software Dependency Supply Chain – A Practical Study

Online Meetup event:   # Abstract In the recent months there have been several high profile software supply chain attacks leveraging weaker spots in the complex software supply chain to attack otherwise hard to penetrate targets. Vulnerabilities in the supply chain is nothing new for security engineers but is often ignored by the broader […]