Philipp Haller

Philipp Haller

Associate Professor

My main research interests are in the design and implementation of programming languages, type systems, concurrency, and distributed programming.

Previously, I was a researcher, software engineer, and consultant at Typesafe Inc.Prior to Typesafe, I was a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford in the Pervasive Parallelism Lab (PPL) and at EPFL in the Programming Methods Lab (LAMP). Prior to that I was a PhD student of Martin Odersky at EPFL.

I am a top-10 contributor of the Scala project. I am co-author (with Jason Zaugg, Lightbend) of Scala's async/await extension (SIP-22) for asynchronous programming, and one of the lead designers of Scala's futures library (SIP-14). I created Scala's first widely-used actor library, and am the main author of the book "Actors in Scala" (Artima, 2012).