Philipp Haller and 8 colleagues received the ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award for 2019 for Scala.

The award is given by ACM SIGPLAN to “an institution or individual(s) to recognize the development of a software system that has had a significant impact on programming language research, implementations, and tools.”

The honor was presented at the annual SIGPLAN PLDI (Programming Languages Design and Implementation) conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on June 24.

More information about the award can be found here:

Here is the citation from the committee:

“Scala is one of the few programming languages from academia that has had a significant impact on the world as well as on programming languages research. It has enjoyed significant industrial adoption, with early adopters like Twitter and LinkedIn serving as catalysts; it forms the basis of the widely used Apache Spark data analytics platform. Scala’s impact on PL research includes the idiom of implicits, which have found their way into other languages; attempts to formalize Scala’s type system have pushed the boundary of type systems research, culminating in the Dependent Object Types (DOT) calculus. In addition, Scala has been a fertile research ground for metaprogramming, macros, staging, and embedded domain-specific languages, including DSLs for machine learning and GPU execution (Delite and OptiML).”

There have also been two press releases about the award published by EPFL and CMU, respectively: