1. The seed project “Design Space Exploration of Mixed-Criticality
Applications on Predictable Multi-Processor Platforms”
addresses the
design of mixed-criticality systems, where several applications with
individual criticality levels and design constraints shall be
implemented on a shared distributed multiprocessor platform. In this
context, design space exploration is an important activity to determine
a suitable and efficient implementation, where all applications can
meet their individual design constraints. The project will analyze the
state of the art and propose models and techniques for a novel design
space exploration tool that can efficiently handle relevant scenarios
and platforms for the avionics domain. 

Contact persons: Ingo Sander (KTH), Christian Schulte (KTH), Ingemar
Söderquist (Saab)

2. The seed project “Correct-by-Construction Design of Embedded and
Cyber-Physical Systems”
studies how transformational design refinement
can be integrated into the existing ForSyDe design flow that aims at a
correct-by-construction design for embedded and cyber-physical systems.
The project will in particular investigate how design properties can be
expressed at component- and system-level, and how formal rules for
design refinements can be verified. Finally, the seed project will give
a proposal how to integrate these techniques into a transformational
design flow.

Contact persons: Ingo Sander (KTH), Dilian Gurov (KTH), and Ingemar
Söderquist (Saab)