Long Zhang (KTH), Nazareno Feito (Oracle), Lorin Hochstein (Netflix), Benoit Baudry (KTH), Philipp Leitner (Chalmers Univ.), speakers at the Chaos Engineering Workshop.

The 2nd Chaos Engineering Workshop was a success! The main salient points to be emphasized are:

  • We had 5 great presentations, with an audience peaking at 85 persons, in a full lecture hall,
  • The audience was from KTH, Stockholm, and also from France, UK, Russia, Spain and other European countries,
  • We had KTH students, incl. young bachelor students, who got very inspired by the presentations, in particular the keynote by Lorin Hochstein from Netflix,
  • A great amount of networking has taken place.

Website of the event: https://www.chaos.conf.kth.se